Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Had I Known.

I've expected myself to crumple like this.
To hurt so badly, that feeling anything else, is out of the question.
That cut,
it's so deep, almost, impossible to heal.

And had i known,
I would have screamed, yelled, cursed myself, when i was falling for you, hard.
I would have looked away whenever i see you smile, because i fell for that first.
I would have said to you, you lie.

Then again, maybe you didnt.
Maybe you meant every word, but how could both of us know,
what fate has lying for us.
How could both of us know, that you could change.
Or maybe, that i could change ?

So i suppose, thanks, for letting me love you.

I am now,
Going to save, whatever is left of my dignity.

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