Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I am in serious need of a new phone. Mine keeps failing me.
It suddenly go blank, and you cant get it to work. I had to take the battery out and switch it on again. And the worse part ? It still go hang, and i have to wait like, an hour for it to work again. - And throughout the waiting, it works, like it alerts me with messages, or when someone calls. but i'll be like hitting the buttons repeatedly to read, or answer the call, AND NOTHING HAPPENS. -___-

So yeah, I need a new phone. Time to save up. --- ugh. seriously.

Soo, i havent exactly wrote - typed - anything worth reading for a while. then again, i never do. HA HA.
See, i've been home for nearly a month now.
And dont get me wrong, i love home. My room, my bed, my privacy, my freedom, my nothing-to-study, my huggy toys and pillows that surround me when i sleep (i feel safe with all these around me. that's why i dont sleep so nice and snug at college).
But you see, home is home. It's like, the after-SPM all over again.
My parents nagging at me for being asleep half a day, and me wanting to go out with my friends a lot, but they wont let me.
Me online 24/7.
Me getting close to being suicidal due to boredom.
So what keeps me happy ?
Getting to be online. Munching in front of the TV with only my shorts and sleeveless tee on (you cant dress like this at UIA. even if you're in your room. but i wear shorts anyway. F them rules !) . Drive the car. Meet my friends. Meet you :)
But see, it's bloody same schedule everyday. T.T
I'm always waiting for something to happen. Someone to ask me out, - if i'm allowed to go out that is -__-

So what's a girl like me get to do around here ? Ideas ? Yeahh, F this.

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