Friday, August 26, 2011

when you're so mad that you could cry

There are 4 types of people.
People who get mad easily, but cool off fast.
People who dont get mad easily, but takes a while to cool off.
People who gets mad easily and takes a while to cool off.
and People who dont get mad easily and cools off pretty fast.

I usually fall into the first category.
I get mad so fast you dont have time to spell mad, but after a while im all better.
depends what or who im mad at.

what i hate about being mad is that one moment im so bloody mad, the next i feel like bursting into tears - hence the reason why i cool off fast i guess.
sometimes, yeah, i guess i keep the hurt inside so yeahh some people i havent forgiven completely.

but i tire of getting mad.
im tired of the tears.
of the heartache.
so i want to stop.
can i just be like, cold inside or sumtin' ?

cause, i dont know. suddenly im just so tired.

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