Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sumpah, Dryer Blok C is in love with me ;D

everyone's all set and ready to head home tomorrow. oopps, today.
except me.
i havent packed a thing.
ive just started my laundry day which btw, is supposed to be thursday evening, but apparently, people are so jealous of my schedule, they decided to intervene with my divine schedule.
there was a line longer than one that would be infront of the movies when Harry Potter 7 just came out.
see my exaggeration ? that's because im pretty much peeved by having to do laundry in the middle of the night when i should be snug in my bed and typing about some other stuff. ;D
but, i always say everything happens for a reason.
had i been in the mood to follow both my friends to do my laundry a little earlier, the Dryer would still be unable to perform its job.
and i've just gone down a few minutes ago, and guess what, Mr. Dryer's working fiiiinnnneee.
so Sitti and Fira, still dont believe me when i say that the Dryer simply loves me ?

yes, you can make a conclusion that i'm that bored of waiting fr my turn in line that i am actually talking about this on my blog.
pathetic, yes.
but, it's my freaking riding boots ur in buster ;)

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