Saturday, August 27, 2011

let's play pretend.

when i was little, it was so easy to play pretend.
i'd just close my eyes, and i'll be a warrior princess on a dark horse with glowing eyes and blazing mane, battling a dark scaled dragon which breaths green fire.
or i'll be a girl pretending to be the most powerful human in a realm that could be entered only through a mirror with strange designs around it.
it was so easy to pretend.
to escape reality.

what happened to that ?

when i was little, if someone made me sad, i wouldnt think twice about crying.
i would just tell the world that i'm sad, not letting that person off the hook.
i wouldnt feel so hurt inside, i wouldnt have to cross my arms and tighten my grip around myself to stop that unbearable pain in my heart.
i wouldnt have to hold myself so i wouldnt fall apart.

it was so simpler to be happy back then.

what happened to that ?

more importantly, what happened to me ?

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