Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kalau Ade Jodoh, Kite Jupe Lagi :)

to those who watched the movie, or the trailer even, you'd know straight away who said the above title/phrase/dialogue/whateverr.
*comel kan ? ;D

em emm.
im actually trying to delay from completing my ILH workbook. damnnn, if i could get a wish, i'd wish to have laziness removed from my system. :p
anywhoo, what do i want to talk about ?
ditch more about my life here ?
worldwide problems ?
midsemexaminations ?

and there you go, the laziness disease had just engulfed me.
i'll just summarise those questions above with this;

these sucked so damn much.

em emmm. kbaii :p

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