Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Little Girl's Request

Wth is this ? em, well, kind of like my wishlist. things i want to get for me-self or do during these long dayss ;D

- necklace ! dari hari tuh carik. heheh. not those huge heavy long chain types, the ones that you cant see me wearing. hahaha !

- taylor swift's speak now album . sukeee ;)

-  house of night ; burned -- nak nak ! i need to know how the freaking story ends !!

- a new phone ? please please pleasee -- and not just any phone. BB torch ahh , hahaha ! demand sot ;)

- get new sneakers :)

- exercise ! sh*tt ! im freaking out of shape. just now we walked on the beach, and in a few seconds, were out of breath. hahaha !

- workk. yes yes, i need money ;)

- license ! biar tak suke gle3 gy situ. ngn org2 jakun gle pandang org mcm tk penah nmpk org. i wore clothes right ?! or did i look like an alien ? sheeshh !
i still need my effing license. huh, dhla kne wat motor, gle waste of time ;)

- lepakk lah. ngn mereka2. rinduuu :')
- meet up with old friends perhaps. lots of catching up to do :)

- my own laptop pleasee ? ;)

- find notes to current fave songs to play on piano. :D which reminds me, the piano needs a lot of tuning. my fave note ; G - lower G lah tapi - is stuck :(

- watch a whole lot of movies. hahaha

anything else? maybe i'll think of it again :)



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