Saturday, December 11, 2010

And I'll say just fine

I dont really care what most people say, Taylor Swift's songs are still superbly sweet and meaningful. They're like something you want to tell someone else, but just couldnt find the right words.
So screw all critics, her new album have some rocking songs ;)
note ; I'm not so sure if this song is really in her album Speak Now.

 Superman - Taylor Swift

Tall dark and superman, he puts papers in his briefcase and drives away
To save the world or go to work- it's the same thing to me
He's got his mothers eyes, his fathers ambition
I wonder if he knows how much that I miss him
I hang on to every word you say, and you smile and say how are you?
And I'll say just fine.
I always forget to tell you I love you. I'll love you forever

I watched Superman fly away
You got a busy day today
Go save the world
I'll be around
And I watched superman fly away
Come back I'll be with you some day
I'll be right here on the ground
When you come back down

Tall, dark and beautiful, he's complicated, he's irrational
But I hope someday he'll take me away and save the day, yeh
Something in his deep brown eyes has me saying,
He's not all bad like his reputation
And I can't hear one single word they say.
You'll leave, got places to be and I'll be OK
I always forget to tell you I love you
I loved you from the very first day


And I watch you fly around the world
And I hope you don't take some other girl
Don't forget, don't forget about me
I'm far away but I never let you go
I'm love struck and looking out the window
Don't forget, don't forget where I'll be
Right here wishing the flowers were from you,
Wishing the card was from you wishing the call was from you
'Cause I've loved you from the very first day


When you come back down

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