Friday, December 31, 2010

dear 2010 :)

in a while, we are to say goodbye to glorious 2010.
somehow, i feel not much anticipation for 2011. it's difficult, seeing as 2010 could easily be the best year of my school life.

so many many new things i've learned. being an SPM candidate, so much pressure, so much fun. last year of school, feeling excited yet very sad.
i had loved learning, but at the same time loathing it, imagine, now i am practically missing doing addmaths, hahahh.

i have lost so much, and yet gained a lot.
i have lost people i loved with all my heart, but also found more people to love :)
i am leaving probably the best era in my life - being a school kid - and i am now at the entrance to the real world - like literally, im starting to go through applications for colleges, scholarships, etc.
i suppose ending school meant there would be some people i would not see ever again. but life is like that, you meet people, and you have to say goodbye at some time.

ohh, i feel like crying thinking that 2010 is to go. hee :')

i want to thank every single person who has definitely made 2010 so beautiful for me.
from my besties, to my classmates, to my teachers, and my family, thank you thank you thank you for the pretty memory album of 2010 for me.
 thank you, for loving me as i love you :)

if i could, i would write everything that happened in 2010, but well, that's highly unlikely to happen ;) so im just gonna settle with this.

goodbye year 2010, let's hope as 2011 is as amazing as you were. 

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