Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All Over Again.

Ive said it so many times.
Too many times to count.
Too many.
Too hurt. Too lost. Too angry.

I was about to patch myself. About to be fixed.
But then you went and betrayed me.
Don't lie to a girl.
She knows when there's something you hide.

And this time.
This time.
I chased you away.
And I was the one who ended up crushed on the floor. Barely breathing.
Barely living.
Barely existing.

And this time.
I regretted the first Hello. The first conversation. The first Iloveyou.
This time.
I hate you.
I hate you?

This time.
I could barely keep myself together.
How difficult it was to act okay.
How to face the world?
But I know I can. I know.
I'm prepared for that.
It's when I'm left alone.
That's my fear.

This time. I don't want you back. I think. I hope. I hate hope.

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