Friday, April 19, 2013

I've tried.

I've tried.
To stop liking you.
To stop falling.
To slap some sense into myself.
So I'd forget you.
So you'll just be a person I knew.

I've tried to forget your smile.
Your words.
How happy you make me.
How your patience makes me fall harder.
No matter how ridiculous I get.
You tell me you love me.
I've tried to forget. To ignore.
To tell myself they're lies.
But they're not.
That's how sure I am of you.
That I know you're not lying.
That I know I fall anyway.
For whatever you say.

I've tried to walk away.
So many times.
It's not because of what you think always.
Please, no.
Don't blame yourself.
It's me.
I get so scared.
So scared that I've lost control.
That I can't let go now.
So scared.
Because I know.
It'll hurt too much to be without you.

It's a short time.
Compared to our lives.
It's a short time, how long we've been together.
But already,
I can't imagine going on without you.
Without that person who'll always try to cheer me up.
Even though he fails.
But not always.
You always make me feel better.
Just by being there.

I've tried.
To say goodbye.
I don't suck at saying them.
I suck at handling the aftermath.
They cut me to the core. Those words.
I don't want to say goodbye.
I pray for us.
I pray you'll be accepted.
Like the moment I accepted you.

I've tried to stop loving you.
I did.
But it's no use.
It'll take divine intervention.
But whoever we meet, is already a divine intervention.
I hope that we stay.
That we last.
That we're meant to be.

I've tried. To believe.
But in the end.
It all comes down to hope.
And to, waiting, and seeing.

Here's to the past.
To the future.
And here's to the now.
My now.
2years6months. <3 br="">

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