Thursday, April 18, 2013


She screams. But no one hears. Not a sound. Not a peek. No one hears her screams.
She drowns. She burns. She's lost, there's no return.
But no one saves her. Not in time, that is.
Because no one knew.
That this girl needs saving.
She was good at that.
Til the point she's just too broken.
But everybody couldn't figure it out. Why? How? When?
Why ?
Even she couldn't answer that.
How ?
No. There's too many answers to that.
When ?
There's no exact time.
But it feels as if.
She had always been broken.
A broken doll, all along.

She patches herself up.
She stitches her wounds.
But they are sore. They sting. They're the cause of her pain.
She grew up alone. Surrounded by people. But felt alone nonetheless.
Doesn't mean she wants to be alone.
These people.
Around her.
Can't they see her ? Can't they help her ? Save her.

She's too gone.
Too lost.
Too broken to be saved.

She buries her words.
Buries her pain.
Her dreams.
Her love.
Her heart.
She buried herself.

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