Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Take Them Back.

I'm sorry I'm so darn difficult.
I'm sorry I gave you grief for even the little things.
I'm sorry I couldn't be strong enough for you.

If I could, I'd take them back. You know. The words my lips uttered at my moment of doubt. And fear.
I wish you could see me the way I see me. A girl. Insecure. Broken. Weak.
Your confidence in me is overwhelming, intimidating even.
And I wonder if I'll ever have that much of confidence in you.

I'm sorry I'm always waiting for the moment you say goodbye.
Thing is,
My past has paved in my mind,
That goodbye's the only thing I deserve.

I don't deserve you.
But I want you by my side.
It's a selfish thing to want you.
When I know that you deserve better.
But you know that I'm selfish, right ?
So please, let me want to have you in my life.
Don't say goodbye.

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