Monday, September 26, 2011

The World Aint Round

so i was thinking of talking about my BTQ paper which i just sat for at 9am just now.
but then, it's the past, so why look back ? ;)
let's talk futuristic linguistic automatic estatic and yada yada laticcc :p
tomorrow's Arab. dont get me wrong, yeah it's freaking fun to learn someone else's language.
and actually as a Muslim, i should get a kick out of learning it *so people here says - wadda ?

of course they're all, it's a good language, we should learn it and all. i wonder when they were just beginners like me, do they get stressed out and irked when people use all those positive mojo on you to keep you in the game.
i mean, give a girl a break.
you practically forced this  upon her, and expect her to excel in it. i knoww that we're supposed to accept.
but for someone who's always been the one to accept whatever shit that has been thrown at me,
dont you think that at one time, i might just throw everything back ?

Envying other peoples' lives.
envy ?
to hell with this.

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