Sunday, September 18, 2011

I think she's a capital B with an itch ;)

i sound so petty and annoying when i'm jealous. and, i never used to feel this.
jealous ? danggg, what happened to me ? -__-
i was the person who couldnt care less if he has anything to do with any other girl.
i was the who had always felt safe and secure and confident.
now i'm turning into someone who i used to think silly.
Silly Girl, why are you jealous ?
uhh, because i know,
that i'm not pretty enough for anyone to glance a second time. *just a phrase, not that i want to, i get so self-conscious.
i know that i'm not smart, nor witty nor interesting enough for you to effortlessly keep your attention to me.
i know that i can really get on your nerves with my temper and my sudden hyperness.
i know that,
i'm pretty much a person who should not have ended up with you - what with the tons more girls better than me.

so i get jealous.

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