Friday, September 16, 2011

The Crude Truth

so i used to have fridays as weekends, this should be normal for me, but noo. im so freaking psyched having friday off.
yeah you could say i miss my schooling schedule ;)

so it's Malaysia Day !
  you know, ive always like, have this thing against having two days for Malaysia, i mean like, pick one, people, and be happy with it. 
having 2 days ? 31st Aug and 16th Sept ? settle for the real one wouldya ?
but you cant rewrite history, it's done.
thus my disagreement with the fact why people are suddenly so intent with rewriting the history all of a sudden.
i mean like, seriously ? 
just don't freaking make the past an issue. can't you see what's in front of your eyes ? the present, the future ?
why look back ?

so.. sure, there are those people with their conspiracy theories and everything.
my problem would be, is that when one speaks their mind in this country,
there's a sudden uproar, and the person is a bad human.
but how is it. that those higher up people get to speak ?
what's their specialty ?
their power ? they can't turn people into stone can't they ? they're flesh and blood like everyone else right ?
sometimes i think those high and mighty adults' brains are worse than us who sometimes an be pretty immature.

why cant people just get along and sing happy songs together ?
because they think that the world evolves around them, and they seek power.

the simple, cruel reason.
 i know the answer, but it's so hard to grip. people can be as cruel as animals.

you know how there's to be only one stallion in a herd ? and if another wants to take over, they'd fight till one loses ?
if the former leader dies, the younger stallion gets the herd.
if the younger one dies, the older one gets to keep his mares, and the other herd as well.
and the mares, colts and fillies have no choice, but to follow.

humans arent so different than animals now, arent they ?

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