Friday, April 29, 2011

please dont be in love with someone else.

emmm, havent babbled fr a quite a while now. i used to go on and on about crap, dont i ? ;)

frstly, apologies, havent introduced the song i posted earlier properly.
that would be He is We - All About Us.
andd, i love it, besides the fact it's a very sweet song and the vocals just wow me, because well, of you. :D

so hows life ?
boringg. even with a drivers license, i have nowhere to go. well hell, i live in small k.trganu. ;p
em now the one thing im looking forward to would be the class party.
oh please pleasee no complications ! ;) i mean, come onnn, i miss all of them weyhh !
ok next,
a lot of movies im wanting to watch.
but somehow, i cant download any. eishhh -___- annoying you know.

em what else ?
oke i have let myself fall so hard. i doubt that it'll be an easy peasy thing to get up again, if anything happens.
i cant help it, it's just everything about you :)
but i still worry. im super paranoid, sorry.
and, well.
im the kind of person that when something impossibly good happens, i am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. :(

okeyh, that's all i suppose.

title ; a line in taylor swift's enchanted :)

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