Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Al-Fatihah.. :(

ifa ingat dulu mase form 1, ifa tegur arwah izzi, ifa cakap kat dye, kakak ifa pon ifa panggil izy, same la kan ? arwah senyum je, ejaan laen lah.

you were one of the kindest friend i knew.
i remember a couple of times i'd be at the piano while you were playing the drums. then, you were already amazing.
my regret was thinking that with all the time we've got, there would sure be a time where i'll be able to meet you, apologize and talk again after 3 years of not meeting.

losing a friend, close or not, it hurts, because you know that there was that time where you shared a joke, where you smiled at each other, both shared rage, or pain.

to my friends, be strong.
arwah's family, may God give you strength and peace.

Izzi Hanafi Noordin, you were a great person, and as much as we love you, Allah SWT loves you more.
Al-Fatihah, semoga ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman.

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