Friday, April 8, 2011

flaws :)

nobody is perfect. ?
well actually, perfection, oh it comes from people's views. if you think that person is perfect, it's to your eyes, while to him/her, they'll be like, ' noo, see my nose is to straight' or, i'm not smart enough.'
wait, i think i had just gone rightt over my point.
okayy, backup a lil bit.

okay, my flaws ;
im short ;)
im chubby O.O
i dont give much alert or attention to things around me that dont stand out.
i ponder and get stressed over problems that are sometimes, not even mine.
i get soo down when i do the above.
i have like a very short temper. means -- i get mad veryyy easily. but only show it to people who knows me well ;p
im emotionally unstable haha !
i usually cover up my feelings -- like if im in a foul mood, i dont give a hint until well probably the end of the day when the tension just kept crushing me down that i feel like i cant breathe.
em more ?
ngehh, some other day, just ask ;p

current problem -- i think sometime in the future i might just need glasses. my eye colour is getting lighter by day ! O-O

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