Tuesday, March 23, 2010

suddenly i see.

today, finally, we are starting our registration for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.
i have made my decision to not drop est, but i still need to discuss with my folks tonight.
it's starting to shake me greatly. 
you know, the fact that by the minute, SPM is getting closer and closer.
and the way i'm still wasting oh precious seconds.
i should be slapped silly.

what has been going on since my last post?
well, nothing really.
juz band's performance tym perasmian kts.
i will admit that i had not done so great.
i had a good tan, something that i dont need at all thank you very much.
it was exhausting, but fun in a way. :)

i shall now spill about one high and mighty persona in school.
lets call her the red queen, ruling with no rightful authority and unjust. x)
there were a group of students targeted getting straight A+
they had a short briefing on Sunday.
they were told to drop est since the authorities find it being the killer subject.
now, one of my dears told the event where the red queen's words dissatisfies me.
the red queen to the people :
kamu tak payah la amek est. nnt x dpt A. budak laen2 tuh xpela diorg nk amek. klu dpt est B pon, subjek laen pon dye dpt B.

maybe for some, these words mean absolutely nil.
but here's my point of view.
we, the inverse of the group concerned, might not be your priority.
but we, are still your people o' red queen.
you, should be supporting us, not wait for us to fail.
and thus, the red queen lost my respect for her.

thoughts :

i shall prove o' red queen, that you are in the wrong.

(a totally different subject)
i feel like we've grown apart.
it's hard to explain really.
but still, i miss you much.

currently obsessing over :

Alice in Wonderland 2010's Mad Hatter.
note : i do not like him because he's johnny depp.
I LOVE him because he's half-mad and other stuff i totally admire in this character.


well, you might think, okayy, weeiirrddd.....
mind you, everyone thinks differently, hence the different view on a subject.
and i like what others dont realize yet is worth obsessing over.
whatever it is,
you're not a judge, but if you're gonna judge me.
-and the words are left hanging-
goodbye, love.


  1. soryy sbb getau ifa psl tu kn.
    mest ifa geram mrh kt red queen tu.
    TP azie tak rase cmtu.ayat die mmg kejam.
    azie rase bungaa can get straight a's for SPM t oke ;)

    loveee azie

  2. tkpe ygg~
    at least ifa smgt sket nk stdy. hahaha !
    yeahh bungaa boleh!! ;)

  3. saye tau sape red queen, HAHA,
    chill baby, shes putting such a high expectation on the targeted, rather than the others. But Im POSITIVELY sure tht you can get good results babe ;)

  4. hehehh,
    tenx miwa !ily!
    u will do great too ! ;)