Thursday, March 18, 2010

raindrops keep falling on my head

kaijiey dah pegy.. :(
rinduu laa..
hee,, she forgot her india sim card, so she had to buy a new one.
my mom was going nuts when we didnt hear a word from her for 5 days since she took off.
she cried when it was time to go. i didnt, only because i took care not to look at her teary face.
missing her so muchh. tade org nk buli bersame irra dah kat rumahh.
kakak, who's coming back in june is hard to be bullied. hahaa..
terok kann. adek buli kakak. but that's how it is ( except kakak. she bullies all of us)

speaking bout sisters,,
yesterday mse band, cekgu tuh gi ty psl2 smue budak2 yg beradik-bradik antara kami tuhh.
irra and i, of course, kene.
question dye ;
korg gadoh tak kat rumah?
makan dgn ganas tak?
berebot tak mse nk maen piano?
nyanyi dlm tandas?
hahaa,, me and my 'twin' kept our mouths shut.
but laughed like hell when we got back.
siap baling2 bantal (oke yg ne almost everydayyy)
tumbuk2 + tendang2 mcm lawan taekwando
slappings are soo usual

oke, mkn dgn ganas tak laa. care duduk jep ganass..

berebot piano?
often !
tolak2, kne debok blakang, kacau mse tgah maen.
script ;
"weyy, i want to play!"
"i want to play first!"

okayy, nyanyi dlm tandas takkkk.. kat luar adela. dlm bilik and such.

jgn tertipu!
adekku tu sme ganas ngn aku jep. hahahaa !!
and puh-leeze. takde suare?
we scream at each other almost every damn day !
i love my evil twin ! <3

it's always raining now, but when it's not, it's soo hot!
school will be opening soon.
i am in no such mood, but then, i never am :)

also, if i say i dont like her, what would you do?
it's probably nothing really,
but if she keeps making assumptions bout me and thinks and tells that i'm some kind of jealous freak, well, i have a problem with her.
i want her to stay out of whatever is my business.

sheeshh !

eh, maghrib dh. till next time.

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