Monday, March 29, 2010

all the small things

next week,
budak2 f5 target ne smue gy lembah bidong and imtiaz.
superAzie mestilah pegyy..
dye g kat LB tuh aa.
sdeyhh pulakk :(
aziema, will miss you !

ceyh, mcm azie sorg jep pegy . x)

of broken hearts,
i hope you heal,
no blood bath was ever meant,
may each step taken is in peace.

unsettled heart,
i got nothing to say to you.
and you, stop shaking my stand. :)

small things to you,
not so small for me :D


  1. hey,tape.
    kn ade kwn2 kte yg baek ;)
    azie ge kejap je pon.a week je.ahahaa

  2. lme laaa.. :(
    hahakk,, tpe2, i will survive ! XD
    syg zizi tipah!