Monday, May 7, 2012

Holding Hands Will Fall

I honestly cannot believe, that this is my last week in CFS. - InsyaAllah.
Then it's 3 months of whoopeedoo, and,

I still see myself as immature.
And I'm gonna run with the big boys now. Literally. O.O

I have 2 papers to go.
Intro to Legal System and Social Studies.
Im lost.
What's more,
I have a cold.
And if anyone who knows me,
A cold makes me crankier than ever. Yeah I'm cranky sometimes too.
Calling self cranky makes me imagine myself as an old lady with a walking stick. *shivers*

Pray for me ! :)

On Friday I'm off to AFamosa Resort with ma sugar daddy :*
But sadly.
Only me.
And sugar daddy.
What am i supposed to do with myself ?

Youre gonna hear a lot from me then.

Cheerios :)

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