Saturday, November 12, 2011

GuguGaga Over You !

my previous love affair was Danny Donoghue - the script.
i had been crushing over him since, forever ! and then life happened, and i moved on to another, until lastyear's science&faith album was released, and again, i fell in a love ;D

but, again. i have moved on. and this and that gorgeous guy appeared.
I have moved on to a character you might be surprised with.

Callan McAuliffe :DDDDD

Why, you ask me ?
I had just managed to watch Flipped (2010) and he is justt, drop-dead-gorgeous and so cuteee !
* i have like a soft spot for cute guys ;) #pfftt

In Flipped, he played a character ( Bryce Loski ) a Junior High boy in a 90's set up.
So yeahh, the 90's fashion and all.
But he is so adorable in that fashion that i couldnt help but fall in love with his hairdo and eyes, and smile. Hey, you aint the only one who's flipped.

Yes, my mood right now is scary. Haha ;)

when he tried to win Julie's heart back :)

I love love lovee this smile. I mean, come onn !! #drools

Unfortunately for me, this Callan is 16 this year ! :(( sucks being old. >.<
#sidemessage - did you recognized him before i told you he was in Flipped (seeing as it's not so famous ) ? He was also Sam in I Am Number Four ;) - as that's more famous, what with Alex Pettyfer and Diana Argon in it ;)
okeyy, that's all :)

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