Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finding The Right Note

Maybe some of you know, maybe some of you dont.
I play the piano, and have long since given up the thought of dreaming about getting a diploma for that.
But it's still a fantastic skill and hobby.  - kay im starting to sound like a promoter or sumtin'.
So i have always find notes on my own (by hearing) of any songs that i think would sound pretty good on the piano.
My project for this few days. He is We ; My Forever album

The songs i've already completed :

All About Us
Prove You Wrong
A Mess It Grows
And Run

Ongoing process :  Give It All

Aim : I Wouldnt Mind , Happily Ever After. Everything You Do

And then.. maybe continue my stopped-effort at Taylor Swift's Speak Now album.
Taylor Swift's on the piano is a pleasure to play. I get the notes pretty much right away :)

My sister's request : 
Just A Kiss - Lady Antebellum ( done ) , Someone Like You - Adele ( working on it soon )

I suppose that's all.
I dont record myself playing and post on YouTube or sumtin'. It's just, i dont know, for my own pleasure i guess. :)


  1. wohaa that's great ! upload it on youtube could ya :D

  2. haha i dont do that. maybe sometime soon ill give it a try :)