Saturday, May 21, 2011

when the sadness engulfs you

hey everybody ! ;)

yes ive disappeared fr quite a bit now. the more bored i get, the lesser i write. weird, time tga busy2 tuh, nk jee tulis smtg kat blog neh.
em, blogging is slowly dying i think. haha. yelaahh. yg generasi yg suke blogging smue tga busy ngn studies nowadays kot. ;D

anddd speaking of studies, ive now a path that is certainly mine to be taken ahead of me.
UIA - Foundation studies. in PJ ! and hopefully stays in PJ -_-"

thoughts ?
erh im freaking out here !!
hello ?! UIA ? not my style ! but hell, it's the place that i need to be according to the freaking course i want.
hahaha !!
weird. imagine me. being this 'alim' type. aaaaa im gonna be one of those jellyfishes ive made fun of last time. huh, serves you right ifa, tulahh. gelak ke org lgi. -_-"

im sadd that my bestIESTS of friends are not as close as i hoped to be. oh well. ttap akan rindu korg ! love you all, hopefully we all are always together at heart :)
feels funny doesnt it ? it feels like just yesterday we were all sitting next to each other nodding off our heads in history class or laughing at our teacher said.
gawd, ill miss all those times. sometimes, i dont ever wanna grow up. i wanna stay like this. at that moment. :')

forever and ever, our hearts will be missing those times. it will slowly dim, but it's still there.
till next time folks, ill write my last post before entering uia, then, id probably write even less.

iloveyou, you know ? and i wish my happy ending is already written and secure. one that has you in it. :)

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