Friday, May 6, 2011

nothing i say feels..right.

upu result ! i got uia, law, what i wanted.
now, this sick lil poison is spreading in me, can i do it ? what if i sucked ? i didnt want this at first. what if i just totally zonked out ?
what if, what if.
Lord, give Your humble servant some courage, faith and strength.

i just want a time to myself, i mean, even with good news, some other dark matter was shoved into my face.
i dont want to care, it's not my problem. what the hell is going on in here ? T.T

i am sadd, because we are separated. tak bessnyee timahh sy dh tk same kelas ngn sy.
i feel kinda lost i guess.
pstu, awk pon jaoh :(

where'd all the love and smiles go ?

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