Monday, January 28, 2013

You're my sweet.

Yes I realised that it's been a while. Cant really blame me you see. Cause there's the internet problem, and the lack of free time.. and the laziness... Okay fine. Blame me. It is mainly due to laziness.
What my life has been ?
A swirl and mix of unknown substances.
I felt like I've grown a lot.
And still feel so young and meek and scared of the unknown. The unknown being the world and what it holds for me.
I'm currently waiting for my Sem1 Year1 results.
You have no idea how nerve-racking it is.
I mean. Well. I just have a lot riding on this one.
Let's just say, it made me think so much. Of my future. Of what I'll be. Of who I'll be.
I've lost myself.
And I guess,
I want someone to help me, find me, save me.
I want you.
But I keep feeling like I have to let go.
Thing is.
I dont know if, when I let go, I'll manage to stay afloat.
Or drown.

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