Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh, I'll Be The One Who'll Break My Heart

Howdy partners :D

So i havent written in a while now. If there's anyone out there reading, my apologies to you. #ceywahbajethawtlak. hehe Joke Joke. I knoww, i sound like a snob. heee

I am currently writing - typing ? - on my sis's bed in our new house. At.. umm Pantai Tok Jembal.
Err, i dont know our address yet. Haha wasnt very much up to knowing everything about this place. I moved here kicking and screaming. Ok not literally. -__-

Anywhoo, I still havent warmed up to the idea of living here. I mean, come onnn, it's a half an hour to the town. And i'm so far from my favourite beach. :(  The beach here is pretty, yes. But in the evening, it is swarmed with people from the nearby university - UMT (i wont bother trying to remember what it stands for, im pretty sure it's simple but i just couldnt be bothered) - and believe me, i dont know them, or have seen their faces, but i hate their guts out. hahaha hater alert.
Sorry, shouldnt hate all of them, i know. But the fact that some of them act like the road is theirs just pisses me off. I mean, they're literally walking right in the middle of the road in groups of threes or more. I'll be like driving and just barely stopping myself from sounding the honk and get the pleasure of giving the death stare at their shocked faces.
Everytime I have to use that road, I'll be grumbling to myself.
Ex ;
"OMG get out of the -tuuuttt- way ! Who the -tuuuttt- do they think they are ?"
"Kalau aku langgar korang, korang yg jadi orang penyet. Aku naek Triton, kete aku besoorrr."
"Aku langgar kang kau, lenggang2 depan aku. Ape tengok2 ? Igt pmpuan dok reti bwk kete besor ke haa ?"

And more.

Hehe. I have quite a temper nowadays. Heeheee -__-

Ok enough crapping about people who think they're bigger than my ride. HAHA #biatchalert

The wind here is super strong and cold. I mean i literally have to put on my sweater in the morning and night if i need to go out.
It's so dark, because my area doesnt have street lights yet.
It's quiet because in the row my house is, there's only 3 house with life in it. Andd, the house behind and next to my house are empty. -_-
What's worse, there are 'anjing hutan' around here. - I dont know about you, but a wolf's image comes to my mind when i hear that word. HAHA

Okay i have ranted enough. More crap coming soon :D

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