Monday, March 28, 2011

fear and tears.

i havent said a thing about my results on my blog. emm, is it because i was dissapointed ? well maybe a little. i didnt expect to be so close. but then, have you any idea how low my expectations were ? so even if it's not the best anyone can hope for, i am grateful and satisfied. heck, i never wanted to be burdened with all those science subjects anyways. -- downside of going to SS ;)

so now life is all about scholarships, and colleges, and courses.
while getting caught up in these, i havent realised that by doing this, i was finally saying farewell to whatever life i had before. imagine, im turning 18, hell i still feel like a kid, helpless, hopeless.

hopeless ?
ive been feeling that for the past several days. probably one of the reasons i was so nervous during my driving test that i bumped the pole. i never, bump the poles. -__-"
but Alhamdulillah i passed the road test. :D

fear, is a powerful thing. heading on to a new life, there might be some things that i have to drop off on the way.
my wish ? that you're not one of it, but instead, walk right by me :)

tears. mostly due to the rising tension and confusion.
i need a minute to breathe from everything that's happening in this house. :(

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