Sunday, October 31, 2010

and you just go with the flow

check it, 22 days to go !
I'm not ready yet! if i were, i would be answering all the exercises with a goofy smile on my face. haha ;) I'm still effing lazing around - this includes onlining and blogging ? sheeshh !! - and not doing enough practice. * i've deactivated my fb. probably just active on saturdays ? hahah ;))

i suppose this would then be my last post for a while till spm eyh ? *hopefully.
see, even i dont trust myself. jeeshh x)

hurm, i suppose there are going to be questions asked and answers i have to be ready with.
though there are few in particular that i'd rather not have come forth, but also a couple i wish had come forth ;))

my last school days are coming to an end. tears and laughter i had throughout it are the most precious ever. it's time for the world to be ready for the '93-not-so-kids-anymore.
i'm gonna miss everything, but am looking forward for whatever lies in front.

well i guess i've gone a lil bit ahead of myself here. well, SPM, bring it on !

-- asking or begging ? forgiveness for all my wrongdoings. pray for me :)

-- title ; Elevator - David Archuleta

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