Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kurik Kundi !

Cheers for me being back at school.
Boos for me not being able to understand a single damn thing of evrything i missed.
Gawd, so frustrating.
I am missing those Rhythm Section peeps more and more.
Never a day without not remembering them - yes yes, it's been like what, 3 days since i saw them? - but freaking hell, life is meaningless without them.


Haa, ne laa budak2 yg best thap max tuh ! ;)

Never gonna forget you people.
Specially adek2 plus roomies plus keyboardist slash (betol ke eja?) pianist.

I miss jamming with you people.
Time makann ! yeahh byk kacau mengacau.
Hahaa, suke gler last nite tuh.
Duk kat depan bilik ktorg yg bez tuh - 315 - pastu makan cheezels ramai2. heehee~
Sampai si cg fauzi tuh dtg nyebok suh g tdo. Ape daaaa,
Dah la budak laki 4 org tuh g masok bilik ktorg! - malu malu x) dhla sepah gle sbb nk start packing tp tk jdi - sbb nk pujuk Farah yg nanges awal2, tk depan org ramai, tak cam ifa ngn raby, nanges dpan ogr rmi, hee hee. --but dont tell those teachers.
They'll freak. ;)

The last song for the orches was Kurik Kundi that day.
We had never had a soft spot for that loonngg boring song.
And the more i grew to despise it when it became the finishing song, signing the end of this wonderful kem muzik 2010.
I have ssoo many many regrets because i only realised the existance of this particular camp only this year. Should it had been last year, more time with them duh!

Music camp definitely the best activity in my 2010 year. hee
So with my saying that I Love You Rhythm Section and orchestra participants and Cekgu2 yg Rocking gler3 ! ,
I now have to say it's time i focus on my studies - ugh, skema gle - hehe. So hardly much contact shall happen, but bear in mind that i effing miss you guys every second !

To Qorie + Rizal, weyhh spm weyhh! ;) nak soklan spot taww :D
Oh and budak2 kechik tuh, Raby ngn Farah suh kte drive g penang next year kalau kem diorg ctu. Beli mcd for diorg. Hahahh~

Cyunk korg weyh :)

Trials ! im not ready for ye, but im trying like hell here. ;)

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